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Hold on to your red carpets and borrowed gowns, because we have a shocking revelation—sometimes the Academy gets it wrong. Mind-bogglingly, head-slappingly wrong. Don't believe us? Sneak a peek at our overrated Best Picture winners.

Why does this Oscar injustice happen time and again?

Let's face it—the whole process is political and deep-pocketed studios can crush their competition with huge advertising spends. In 2011, the Academy cracked down on campaigning shenanigans by imposing limitations on screening events and schmooze-fests. But what about whisper campaigns, backroom deals and other nasty tactics they can't police?

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Then there's the irresistible allure of "Oscar bait"—you know, the "important," year-end film that features major industry players. Voters fall for it hook, line and stinker. Not that Oscar bait can't be deserving, but it shouldn't be a shoo-in either. Plus, some people think Best Picture means Biggest Picture. A long, sprawling epic with massive sets and thousands of costumed extras? It must be a winner, no matter how tedious!

Ready to share our Oscar indignation? Ready to tarnish those who wrongly won the gold—for whatever the reason? Check out the top 10 Overrated Best Picture winners. Then let us know which film you love to loathe or which others you would've included.

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