What's Your Nail Polish Personality Color? Take Our Quiz & Find Out!

See which shade you should be rockin'!

By EOL Staff, Sponsored by Sally Hansen Mar 03, 2014 6:16 PMTags
Sally Hansen Nail PolishSally Hansen

We know the question you've been asking yourself your whole life: what is my nail polish personality?

OK, so maybe you haven't spent your whole life wondering that, but you do kinda want to know now, right?

Of course! So, take our quiz and find out which shade of Sally Hansen nail polish you are. Maybe you're a bright pink aka "Back to the Fuschia." Or maybe you're more of a neutral tone and you're Sally Hansen's "Earl Gray." Or, possibly you're a bright blue glitter color—in which case you would be "Mermaid's Tale."

For every personality, there's a corresponding shade of nail polish. And everybody's got a true color!

Of course, there's only one true way to find out which shade of nail polish your personality is. Take our fun and quick quiz, and share your results with your friends!