Kate Beckinsale and Jenna Dewan-Tatum's Skincare Secrets Revealed—Get the Scoop!

Celebrity aesthetician talks beauty routines for glowing skin

By Baker Machado, Jennifer Chan Feb 28, 2014 10:03 PMTags
Jenna Dewan, Kate BeckinsaleGetty Images

Everyone knows that if ever there was a time to put your best face forward, it's certainly on Oscar Sunday.

With that in mind, we tapped celebrity aesthetican Kat Rudu, who works out of dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer's office in Beverly Hills, for her best-kept secrets when it comes to getting beauties like Kate Beckinsale and Eva Mendes ready for the red carpet.

"It's all about hydration. It's purely hydration. When the face is hydrated it looks alive and like it has been fed," she explains of her practice. "When I work on Kate we do an exfoliation, we do a pore cleansing of course and I am really known for my extractions. Then we go into hyaluronic acid which she is obsessed with. We just pour hylauronic acid onto the skin for a really long time and just massage it and massage it. And then we end it with a vitamin oxygen infusion. That's what Kate loves. She is very simple."


The skin care guru, who is known for her Jet Set Facial, a favorite of Jenna Dewan-Tatum's, routinely preps these gorgeous A-listers for major appearances and offered these helpful suggestions you can use at home:

1. Cleanse and Exfoliate: "Use a circular motion with your fingers and massage your favorite cleanser (like her own Coco Honey product) into the skin for sixty seconds. Concentrate on your nose and chin and neck. People forget about their décolleté, but all of it is one piece. It's their canvas from your forehead to the décolleté. Pat with warm water never hot water, which promotes capillaries on the skin and results in redness. 

2. Polish. "Use your favorite polish to remove excess sebum oils," Rudu tells us.

3. Enzymes: "Use an enzyme of some sort such as yam and pumpkin. One I recommend is Eminence. It gives you nice clear skin and I would leave that on for two or three minutes, depending on one's skin. This exfoliates without the irritation." 

4. Milk Wash. "This is my favorite. Use 8 ounes of whole organic milk, warm it up in either the microwave or stove. Wash your face with this milk around three to four times, then rinse with cold water and pat dry. This provides vitamin A treatment to the face, which makes it look so smooth. The last splash of milk, leave on as a mask for three minutes to tighten your pores a little bit."  

5. Cream Mask: "Lastly, use a creamy French mask such as Caudalie cream moisturizing mask made with grape oil."

6. Foundation: "I always tell a girl to find the right foundation for her face. It could be oil-free or retinol or medium to light. I don't recommend one for hydration, I recommend one that conceals unwanted dark spots and redness. When you look at an A-list star, her face looks like a perfect canvas. Just get a little brush or sponge and apply foundation...one that has an SPF. Brush a quick bronzer across cheeks and temples."

And there you have it!