"I have parts that I am going to defend him for."

Yes, those words really come out of Andi Dorfman's mouth during The Bachelor's highly anticipated Women Tell All special, airing on Monday night. And yes, this is the same woman who dumped Juan Pablo Galavis in the Top 3, calling him out for his "inappropriate" behavior in the fantasy suite and refusing to accept his language barrier defense.

So then why is Andi, who sources tell us is the front-runner to be the next Bachelorette, supporting Juan Pablo the first time she's come face-to-face with him since their explosive fight? Find out! We've got three sneak peeks from the ABC reality hit's special, including how Sharleen, another lady who chose to eliminate herself, feels about Juan Pablo and one contestant reveals she's dating someone!

While Andi wasn't ready to excuse Juan Pablo's behavior, she did stick up for him when it came to accusations that he had favorites among the ladies, namely single mothers Renee and Cassandra, during the competition.

"I hear people say he was favoring these special people and that kind of bothers me. I was just saying to Renee, it's not him putting Casssandra and Renee above us," she explains in the clip. "I think he just saw them differently. A perfect example of that was Cassandra. The minute he didn't see it with Cassandra, he felt like she should go home."

But Andi is still totally willing to call Juan Pabs out. "There are parts where I think he was a jerk and I have no problem saying that to him," she says. J.P.'s response? Her favorite term ever: "It's OK." (Well played, Bach. Well played.)

Sharleen, who bowed out of the battle for Juan Pablo's heart a few weeks ago, also defended the Bachelor.

The opera singer, who moved back from Germany to be on the show, said she felt he took the process seriously, "But I am getting the feeling that other girls feel differently than I did, but I just felt like he did ask those questions and was interested in where we'd traveled and what I was like to live in a foreign country and struggle with another language."

Juan Pablo also stood up for himself, saying, "At the end of the day, I took this very seriously. It is what it is."

To see which lady confronted Juan Pablo about his commitment to the process and to find out who is currently in a happy relationship, watch the three sneak peeks above!

The Bachelor's Women Tell All special airs Monday, March 3, at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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