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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Tuesday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

Pretty Little LiarsAll aboard the crazy train! First stop: Rosewood. In an effort to come to terms with Ezra's betrayal, Aria unleashed her frustrations and completely demolished her former beau's apartment. (If you missed it, relive all the glorious smashing and bashing right here!) Aria also shunned the rest of the liars away, and ended the episode by running away with nothing but a few clothes in her bag, and rage in her heart.

Emily was asked to deliver Ali's money to a P.O. box, but Paige followed her and demanded to know what was going on. In a surprising twist, Emily told Paige that Ali has actually been alive this entire time. It was a stupid move. Exhibit A: Despite promising to keep this a secret, Paige immediately tipped off the cops to Ali's whereabouts. Hell hath no fury like a jealous girlfriend.

As for the biggest shocker of the night: Spencer triggered a buried memory, in which she was screaming at Ali and holding a shovel the night that Alison went missing. Could Spencer be the one who attacked Alison? We'll just have to stay tuned! Oh, and for some awkward reason, Hanna kissed Officer Holbrook. Seriously, girl? Get your hormones in check!

The Originals, Joseph Morgan

Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Originals: Thanks to Genevieve's witchy tricks, Klaus finally learned Rebekah and Marcel's darkest secret: they brought Mikael, the Originals' father, to New Orleans back in the day to kill Klaus. Yeah, you can imagine just how Klaus handled the betrayal. (We learned Rebekah killed Genevieve to keep her secret, hence all the revenging the redhead has been doing.)

This close to killing Marcel and using the bone blade on Rebekah to put her in a state of "raw, inescapable anguish," Klaus was stopped…when Elijah came from behind and used the bone blade on him, . And scene! And you thought your family had issues.

The Voice Are you ready for the second night of blind auditions? We recapped the best performances of the night, and snagged the official coaches' standings after the first week of season six. 

New Girl Schmidt has a new roommate, y'all! Jess' sister Abby was once again the star of this week's episode, and her crazy light shined just as bright as it did in her debut. After bewitching Schmidt with her sex skills, and getting into a huge, hurtful fight with Jess, Abby decided to move out of the loft and into Schmidt's place. Hmm... how long do you think this new self-destructive relationship will last? You already broke your penis once, Schmidt—try not to do it again!

The Bachelor: Did you miss tonight's tear-filled, special presentation of The Bachelor? Have no fear, E! Online is here! Check out our recap for everything you may have missed from the dramatic fantasy-suite night. Oh and, Juan Pablo? The next time you hook-up with one of your girlfriends, it's probably not the best idea to tell the other ones about it. Just saying… 

SupernaturalSam and Dean were given some desperately needed advice tonight to deal with all of their fighting: "Get over it." Yes! We couldn't agree more. So who offered these three powerful words of wisdom? Ghost Kevin, of course. Unfortunately our Winchester brothers did not mend their tense relationship, and instead, decided to storm off and slam their doors like a couple of middle schoolers. Meanwhile, Cas basically became Angel Jesus after he was forced to kill Bart in an act of self-defense. We'd follow you anywhere, Cas! 

Glee, Frenemies

Adam Rose/FOX

GleeSantana didn't just rain on Rachel's parade in tonight's return of Glee—she poured all over it and brought hurricane winds! In an effort to get over her funk and do something more productive with her career, Miss Lopez decided to audition for the role of Rachel's understudy in "Funny Girl". After singing Rachel's signature song, and absolutely blowing the casting director away, Santana landed the role, but gained one extremely pissed-off roommate.

The claws were unleashed between our two former high school rivals and we practically got whiplash from getting hit with all of the insults that Rachel and Santana hurled at each other. However, this time, Santana—aka the queen of bitch slaps—was the one to get smacked in the face tonight. Damn, Rachel! We didn't know you had that in you. When Rachel gave Kurt an ultimatum and told him to evict one of the girls from the house, Kurt refused. So Rachel packed up her cute pink suitcase, and stormed out of the Bushwick loft.  

And over to our less important storylines of the night: Tina and Artie competed in a speech-off in order to win the title of WMHS valedictorian. However, Sue hated both of their speeches and decided to award the smarty-pants sash to the next runner-up, Blaine. Unfortunately Blaine's excitement was short-lived because he discovered a selfie of Starchild giving Kurt, his newfound friend, a kiss on the cheek. We know that the kiss was innocent, but Blaine doesn't…

Check out Santana's performance of "Don't Rain On My Parade" above and then take to the comments to tell us which version you like best: Santana's sultry rendition or Rachel's season one smash?

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