Aaron Paul Tells Dakota Johnson She's Beautiful in Need for Speed—Watch the Clip!

Exclusive: The two star in the upcoming car racing film

By Lily Harrison Feb 25, 2014 7:31 PMTags
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There's no denying that Aaron Paul and Dakota Johnson have natural onscreen chemistry, based on this exclusive clip of Need for Speed.

The two stars play lead roles in the upcoming action-packed flick that's based on the popular video game.

The movie marks one of the first projects that the 34-year-old actor got involved with following his mega-successful run on Breaking Bad.

It's also one of the last times we'll see Johnson hit the big screen before she debuts her highly anticipated performance in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a young street racer who just got out of prison and was framed by a wealthy business associate.

Marshall joins a cross-country race with one thing in mind: revenge.

Meanwhile, his ex-partner learns of the plan and puts out a massive bounty on his head just as the race begins.

In the clip, Johnson coyly thanks Paul for keeping an eye on her pal Pete and tries to make small talk about his work shortly before he begins a street race.

Paul leans in and caresses the brunette actress' face and says, "You look beautiful."

Need for Speed is set to hit theaters on March 14 and also stars Dominic CooperMichael Keaton and Kid Cudi.