Katy Perry Booed Again! Singer's Assistant Shoves Paparazzo After Rude Greeting at Los Angeles Airport

Star covers up while landing back in Southern California after having an unpleasant run-in with photographers during Milan Fashion Week

By Bruna Nessif Feb 22, 2014 2:45 AMTags
Katy Perry, Tamra NatisinTROV/AKM-GSI

Katy Perry had a rough landing upon arrival in Los Angeles today.

The pop singer arrived at LAX Friday after spending some time in Italy for Milan Fashion Week, where she strut the catwalk for Jeremy Scott's debut Moschino show alongside Rita Ora.

Unfortunately, Perry didn't receive the warm welcome one might have hoped. Literally covered from head to toe, the "Dark Horse" singer tried to shield herself from cameras as her camp led her through the airport and into their car. Regardless, the paparazzi continued to heckle the star and even began booing at her to make fun of her incident on the runway.


Her assistant Tamra Natisin tried to push the shutterbugs out of the way, which was caught on this video, and began getting confrontational with one who started threatening her with assault and almost got into the car to take pictures.

"Get the f--k out," she was heard telling him as she shoved him back before getting into the car.

Sadly, Katy's cameo on the catwalk yesterday wasn't the most pleasant. After arriving late to the show, Perry was faced with multiple boos by photographers that were angry by her tardiness (apparently, they've never heard of being fashionably late).

"You're all going to get your picture, so shut the f--k up," the Prism singer shouted as the jeers from the audience grew louder.

However, multiple reports also alleged that Perry was told to arrive at 8:55 even though the show began at 8:00 p.m.

Jacopo Raule/Getty Images