Michelle Obama Says "Ew!" to Jimmy Fallon and Will Ferrell on The Tonight Show—Watch Now!

First Lady promoted her "Let's Move" campaign and convinced Sara and Stacy to try kale chips

By Zach Johnson Feb 21, 2014 12:23 PMTags

Michelle Obama stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday to promote her "Let's Move" campaign during a hilarious segment with new host Jimmy Fallon and fellow guest Will Ferrell.

Fallon revived his recurring "Ew!" sketch from Late Night, in which he plays a brace-faced teenager named Sara who hosts a TeenNick show from the confines of her basement. Ferrell also dressed in drag to play Stacy Wallace, who had just returned from the mall with some Harry Styles memorabilia. "The best part of this poster is you can kiss it and it's almost like kissing him in real life," Stacy said.

After Stacy macked on the poster, Sara welcomed a "very special guest" to the program: the First Lady of the United States! Feeling "nervous," Sara suggested having a "shy faceoff," and Stacy and Obama were happy to oblige. FLOTUS then gave the girls permission to call her by her first name before discussing the Winter Olympics in Sochi. "I love seeing the athletes in the world compete against each other," she said. "One of my favorites is figure skating," she added. That called for a triple hand hug!

"Wow, Michelle! You're pretty strong," Sara marveled. "You could totally be in the Olympics!"

"Thank you, Sara. I do try to exercise every day," Obama replied. When Stacy commented that exercise is "ew!," Barack Obama's wife countered, "Exercise is not ew! You just have to find an activity that's right for you. For example, I like to dance, play tennis and even do some push-ups." Feeling inspired, Sara decided to have a "dance party" with her guests. It was fun until her stepdad, Gary, showed up.

"Sorry, guys," Sara said. "Gary can be such a weirdo!" Stacy agreed, saying, "I hate Gary!"

The trio then played a speed round of "Ew!" games. When Stacy came across a picture of Ferrell, Sara and Obama said "Ew!" Their friend, however, was intrigued. "He's like a total hottie! I can't!" Stacy said. Sara replied, "Then don't! Seriously, don't." Stacy persisted, saying, "I must!" and then kissing the photo.

When potato chips got a collective "Ew!" from the group, Obama offered a better option. "You know, instead of potato chips, a healthy alternative is kale chips," she said. The girls deemed the idea "gross" until the mother of two told them, "Not gross! In fact, I brought some with me. You both should try one. The best part is they're high in Omega-3 fatty acids." To their surprise, Sara and Stacy loved them!

In February 2013, Obama got her groove on with Fallon in the "Evolution of Mom Dancing" sketch on Late Night. Previous guests in "Ew!" sketches include Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Michael Strahan, Channing Tatum, Lindsay Lohan and the Jonas Brothers.

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