Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is keeping busy and working hard these days.

The 19-year-old pop phenom gave his fans an update on Wednesday morning about his jam-packed schedule.

"Dance rehearsal. Guitar practice. Workouts. Voice strengthening. Studio writing sessions," the Canadian singing sensation tweeted. "Always working to get better. Work hard. Be great."

He also added an inspirational message, urging his followers to "keep strong."

"I see all your comments. Keep strong. Be the best that you can be. Much love," the "Somebody to Love" crooner shared.

These tweets come several days after his mother Pattie Mallette admitted she is "geniunely concerned" amid the controversy surrounding her son and his legal drama.

"As any mom of an adult child, Pattie is holding him close and talking to him about everything, but she can't make his decisions for him," a source close to Mallette tells E! News exclusively.

"As any caring mother would be, Pattie is genuinely concerned for Justin, and she has said in many interviews before that she doesn't have her head in the clouds and keeps in very close touch with Justin," the source adds. "She talks with him almost every day, which is likely more than any mom and a 19-year-old son...and she is in the public eye dealing with all of this."

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