When you're trying to protest the designs carried by a clothing store, you definitely should stick it to them by purchasing all the clothes! That'll show 'em?

We supposed we understand how this mother from Utah believed snatching up all these T-shirts from PacSun would somehow send a message. And that message is: Your clothes have scantily clad woman on them and that's gross and inappropriate.

Judy Cox (hey! no snickering in the back row over her last name!) was shopping with her 18-year-old son at the University Mall in Orem, Utah, when they waltzed past a PacSun and they saw a display of tees featuring models who were wearing next to nothing. This did not sit right with her.

"The bottom of one woman is completely exposed, uncovered and it's a very provocative pose that she's in," Cox told a local news station. "Clearly, it was offensive, and I was most concerned about the youth and the children that would be viewing this."

So Judy walked right into that store to complain to the store manager, who told her the only thing that could be done was file an official complaint to corporate. Well, that wasn't enough for Judy. So she told the manager she wanted to buy every last T-shirt that featured those images. There were 19 of them to buy, setting Judy back a little under 600 bucks.

No, she won't be burning the shirts with a cleansing ritual or anything. Apparently, she will be returning the shirts in 60 days to get a full refund. To Judy, it was more a matter of principle. Hope you checked their return policy, girl!

She also told the ABC affiliate in Utah that she wants to meet with a city attorney about banning those shirts and similar items of clothing from PacSun.

"I hope it sends a really strong message to PacSun that, at least in this community, this is not a standard for us [and] this is not something we approve of," she said.

We hope that mall doesn't have a Spencer's Gifts. Judy would not appreciate most of their shirts, including this one that features Abe Lincoln with a sexy woman bent over his lap.

Here's to you, Judy, and your one-woman crusade to rid the malls of inappropriate clothing.

(H/T Gawker)

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