Valentine's Day

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Happy Valentine's Day! Or not happy Valentine's Day! Let's start over: It's Valentine's Day!

Today is the quote unquote most romantic day of the year! It's also a day where, at any moment, you could have you heart absolutely shattered into a million, billion pieces. Here are the worst things you could hear this Valentine's Day: 

Things You Don't Want to Hear Any Day (But Are Especially Bad Today):


1. "I love you, [wrong person's name.]"

2. "I think we should see other people."

3. "So I found your Tinder."

4. "Get tested."

If You Are Dating This Person, Break Up With Them Immediately:


5. "Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday created by Hallmark to sell greeting cards."

6. "I swear I got you something. It's in the mail."

7. "We're just friends and he's lonely so he's taking me to dinner. Don't be jealous."

Worst. Plans. Ever.


8. "I have to work late." / "I have to cancel." / "Let's reschedule."

9. "Can we go dutch?"

10. "Do you want to watch Valentine's Day?"

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Worst. Present. Ever. 


11. "I didn't know we were doing gifts this year."

12. "You said not to get you anything..."

13. "I made your gift this year!"

Aw, You're Single! That's OK...


14. "You'll find someone someday."

15. "Is anyone joining you? No? Just you?"

16. "I want grandchildren!"

17. "Aw, you're such a good friend."

Miscellaneous Misery:

18. "We need to talk."

19. "I'm confused."

20. "I'm tired."

21. "I'm gassy."


Happy V-Day! Let's all go cry together!

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