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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Monday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

Beauty and the Beast: Gabe is dead! OK, not really, but the former Beast has to lay low in order to convince Sam, who was revealed to be running clinical trials on Beasts, that his dark secret was safe after Gabe confronted him just before the new baddie detonated a bomb. The plus side? He ended the episode, set on Valentine's Day, smooching Catherine, as a lovesick Vincent looked on. Of course, we're not entirely convinced Cat is over her former love. This love triangle is so on. 

The Following: Reunited and it feels so creepy! Emma was finally reunited with Joe, whom she believed to be dead. Yes, Joe has finally returned, joining up with Lily and her little family, which includes the psycho twins, Luke and Mark (who are not her biological children, FYI). During an emotional phone call, Emma cried, "It's safe. Come back to me, Joe." So twisted, but so good, no? 

But that wasn't the biggest development to go down in tonight's outing as Jana, Joe's new follower played by Leslie Bibb, was revealed to be Detective Mendez's ex-wife, and a former FBI agent (!), by episode's end. Ruh-roh!

Teen Wolf


Teen Wolf: Save Stiles! Seriously, we're going to need an inhaler to make it through the rest of the season if our beloved Stiles is going to be in constant danger. Then again,is he even really our Stiles anymore?! Our favorite sidekick has turned into the big bad via possession by the nogitsune and his brain is showing signs of atrophy...just like his mother's apparently did before her death. 

And the Oni, the five masked men who were trying to stop the demon that has taken up residence in Stiles' body? They are working for Kira's mom, and she couldn't care less who the nogitsune has chosen to hitch a ride with. She's out for spirit blood, and she apparently knows someone (her daughter, a kitsune, perhaps?) with the ability to defeat it. 

Hart of Dixie: Hey, when Crazy Earl, the town drunk, is pointing out that Zoe and Wade, his son, belong together, you know it's time for Joel to go. "The guy with the glasses who carries a man purse? I thought he was your brother!" Five points, Earl!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Is Lisa about to go from Brandi's friend to frienemy? Brandi spent the episode reevaluating her friendship with Lisa, talking about it with both the Richards sisters. From her "mothering" to her relationship with Scheana Marie, Brandi's not too happy with Lisa. Meanwhile, Lisa tried to talk to Carlton about Carlton's big blowout with Kyle at Ken and Mauricio's birthday party. 

Is Lisa stirring the pot and purposely alienating herself from everybody? Lisa's got a tiff with almost everybody in the cast right now.

It was a bit of a yawner episode, leading up to some more feuding between Lisa and the rest of the cast. But here's what happened with the others: Yolanda got her citizenship, Joyce exercised, Brandi's tongue became swollen, Kim spoke in a fake British accent and Carlton threw a party for her husband's business.

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