John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Want "a Ton" of Kids, but Supermodel Isn't Too Thrilled About the Pregnancy Part

Plus, Teigen talks about her relationship with Legend during her Reddit AMA. Find out what she had to say!

By Bruna Nessif Feb 03, 2014 10:01 PMTags
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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen better get to work!

The newlywed couple, who first tied the knot at a New York City courthouse before jetting off to their lavish wedding ceremony in Lake Como, Italy, in September, spoke about expanding their family, and admitted to wanting a bunch of little ones running around the house.

"We definitely have plans for kids," Teigen told ABC News at the Shape Magazine Super Bowl party over the weekend. "I want a ton, he wants a ton, so I guess it's time to start."

Although the pair are super excited to become parents, Teigen confessed she's not too thrilled about the nine months of pregnancy that comes before the baby is born. She tells ABC, "I just wish they appeared. I just wished they just showed up out of nowhere."

But married life sans children (for now) has been pretty great, according to the stars. "It's the same, it' sexier, is that what you want me to say?" Teigen said laughing. "It's so much sexier! Everything's better and bigger!"

And a little more comfortable than before.

"Maybe we're a little more open with the bathroom," she said. "I am like, 'Babe. Take this back a notch. I cannot keep doing this. I want to pee separately. No more doors open.'"

Regardless of the bathroom TMI, Chrissy and John seem to have the perfect relationship, which prompted many fans to ask the supermodel about what really goes on between her and Legend during Teigen's Reddit AMA today.

One user asked Chrissy to share something she and her hubby argue about. Teigen responded, "i never put the cap on the toothpaste. but he still doesn't argue. he looks at me while he slowly puts it on." Another fan wanted to know whether or not Legend sings to Chrissy while they're getting it on in the bedroom (c'mon, we've all wondered this).

Teigen wrote back, "ha, I'm sure it's happened one or two times after a few glasses of wine." Ooooh!

The brunette beauty also spoke about Legend's song "All of Me," which was written for her, telling Reddit users, "I have heard it many times but it's always beautiful to me. A lot of people wonder if I'm offended by the 'smart mouth' part but I really am not -- that's how I knew it was specifically written just for me:)."