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Witches and wolves and superheroes, oh my!

The gang's all here in today's Spoiler Chat, which features juicy scoop on American Horror Story: Coven's highly anticipated season finale, Teen Wolf's super sketchy and Roy Harper's new look on Arrow now that he's teaming up with Oliver. Plus, we've got spoilers on The Blacklist's mysterious new lady, Reign's upcoming episodes, Parks and Rec's emotional goodbye and more...

Penelope: Anything on The Mindy Project?
Someone in the office will start having feelings for someone else. And neither of those people are Mindy and Danny. Speculate away!

Kyle: OK, I need to know what Peter is up to on Teen Wolf! Is he bad or is he good?!
Sounds like Derek should be watching his back, according to Tyler Hoechlin! "Peter is a devious guy. He is a smooth-talker, and he has a very keen way of getting what he wants. I still don't think the relationship between Derek and Peter is one built on trust, I think it's still very much a very sketchy partnership," Hoechlin previews. "I don't think he's too worried about him, but I definitely don't think he can ever really trust Peter to have his back if it doesn't benefit Peter as well."

Renee: I'm really not prepared to say goodbye to Ann "Beautiful Tropical Fish" Perkins and Chris "Stop. Pooping." Traeger. What can you tell me about their big Parks and Rec goodbye?
Have tissues handy, it's an emotional one. Ann and Chris have goodbyes with all your favorite Pawnee citizens, each one special in its own way. And just when you thought you knew everything about Ann's sordid dating past, a shocking past romance comes to light.

Christina: Cannot wait for Coven's finale tonight! Please tell me Fiona is somehow still alive though!
"It's American Horror Story, anybody can come back," Sarah Paulson teases of the finale. But with possible resurrections, comes deaths. Obviously.  Paulson previews, "Some people don't make it, I can say that." Start your prayer circles (or spells) now!


Joss Barratt/The CW

Madison: Reign down on me with scoop on my new obsession please!
How about a few teases on the coming episodes? We asked Laurie McCarthy to give us a few quickies on some of the next eps:
Episode 10, "Sacrifice": "Pagans"
Episode 11, "Inquisition": "Catherine Cornered"
Episode 13, "Consummation: "It's the consummation of many things."
Also, check back with us later today for a first look that will cause one of the show's couple's fans to lose their heads.

Thomas: The Blacklist is the best show on TV right now. Would love some scoop on what's ahead!
Expect to see Jolene, the substitute teacher who is so into Tom, eventually pop up on Red's radar.  Gulp. And yay! (We kind of feel bad about that "Yay" part. A tiny bit. OK, not at all.) But does she pop up on his radar as Jolene? That is the question you should be asking.

Debra: So happy Roy is getting more to do on Arrow! Any chance we'll get to see Colton Haynes in his own superhero suit soon?!
Superhero suit? Unfortunately, no? New hoodies? Yes. "There have been no fittings for a suit, but there are different colors of hoodies," Colton Haynes tells us. "It went from like, a maroon hoodie to now more of a red hoodie. Really life-changing kind of stuff!" Also new? "I had a fitting last week, which required Roy wearing boots instead of tennis shoes, so that was cool," he says. "And I got to lose my necklace and my bracelet, but the hair's still the same. Same hair products, same hairspray." As long as they don't touch the hair, we're OK!

Britt: Happy Parenthood scoop is in order!
OK, how about that Sarah will definitely cross paths with Mark when Jason Ritter returns in episode 19. In fact, the pair may even have dinner together, something a certain photographer may not be too thrilled about.

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