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Who is the next Supreme? That question has been on the minds of American Horror Story: Coven viewers since the very first episode. All will be revealed during Wednesday's season finale, "The Seven Wonders," when the remaining young witches Queenie, Zoe, Misty and Madison give their all to find out if they're the next witch to rise to the role of Supreme.

We're breaking it down for you, because like all of you, we're obsessed with finding out which witch will reign Supreme at the end of the day. Be mindful, it is American Horror Story, so nothing is as it seems. For all we know the next Supreme is Stevie Nicks

Gabourey Sidibe

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Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe)
Why: Queenie has come into her own in recent episodes. She survived the bullet to the stomach and the self-inflicted bullet to the head, brought Misty back to life and displayed a strong level of telekinesis.

Why not: All the girls are becoming more powerful, not just Queenie. She's been more of a fringe character for the season, leading us to think she won't take the title.


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Zoe (Taissa Farmiga)
Why: Zoe opened the show, she's been the central witch for some time and has also started to display new powers. She broke Marie Laveau's zombie spell early own, prompting the dearly departed voodoo witch to comment on her power level.

Why Not: Zoe is the obvious choice. Could it be a big fake out? They'll think viewers will find Zoe too obvious and suspect everybody else and all along it was the newest student to Miss Robichaux's Academy.

AHS: Coven

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Misty (Lily Rabe)
Why: Misty was already proclaimed the next Supreme by Myrtle Snow, she has brought herself and countless others back to life. She's also started to display even more powers, like the other girls.

Why Not: The Stevie Nicks lover is perhaps the most pure and innocent of all the candidates, making her the next Supreme could restore order to the coven, but it would be too happy of an ending. And that's something we've learned not to expect from AHS.


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Madison (Emma Roberts)

Why: Before she died, Madison had a heart murmur, something Cordelia noted precluded her from being the next Supreme: She wasn't a portrait of perfect health. But that murmur disappeared when Misty brought her back to life and Madison is as powerful as ever now.

Why Not: The definition of witch bitch, Madison is too much like Fiona to become the next Supreme in our book.

Sarah Paulson, AHS Coven

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Cordelia (Sarah Paulson)
Why: Cordelia has really come into her own since stabbing her eyes out. Her power of sight is different, stronger. She's finally learning to accept her gifts. If only her mother could see her now…

Why Not: All along we've been told it would be a younger girl and the focus has been on the students. However, that's the perfect red herring.

American Horror Story, Coven

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Myrtle (Frances Conroy)
Why: Could Myrtle Snow take the cake? She's fabulous and we really don't know what she's capable of yet. Plus, she's Myrtle Snow, the best part about this show.

Why Not: She's too old to take the title, although it would be amazing.

American Horror Story: Coven

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Fiona (Jessica Lange)
Why: What if Fiona wasn't really dead and came back and killed everybody, staying the Supreme for another 30 years just like Cordelia's vision foretold? That'd be something, huh?

Why Not: She's "dead."

Kathy Bates, Jamie Brewer, Gabourey Sidibe, American Horror Story: Coven

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Why: It could be somebody else altogether! Somebody we met early on and then just forgot about? It could happen.

Why Not: It would feel a

What's your prediction for who will be the next Supreme? Take our poll and hit the comments!

Who Do You Think Is the Next Supreme On AHS: Coven?
Who Do You Think Is the Next Supreme On American Horror Story: Coven?
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