Pete Wentz Regrets His Penis Piercing: "I Was Young and Dumb"

Fall Out Boy rocker has also gotten piercings in his septum, nose, ears, lips, tongue and nipples

By Zach Johnson Jan 21, 2014 4:09 PMTags
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Pete Wentz isn't as rebellious as he once was.

During a Monday, Jan. 20, appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, the Fall Out Boy bassist took questions from callers regarding his rocker image. "Have I ever gotten a piercing below the waist?" he asked, reiterating a fans question. "I've had basically everything pierced in my entire life."

"So you had your dick pierced?" Andy Cohen asked, hoping to clarify Wentz's somewhat coy response.

"I did," a giggly Wentz admitted. "I was young and dumb and full of wisdom. It's not pierced anymore."

Self-taken photos of Wentz's manhood leaked online in March 2006. He addressed the nude picture scandal during an April 2013 appearance on Watch What Happens Live. "The worst thing is that I had to have a conversation with my mother about that, which was kind of like a little bit hard to do," the Illinois native recalled. "And the best thing is that everybody knows what they'll be working with."

In the February 2014 issue of FHM, Wentz said he's also had piercings in his septum, nose, ears, lips, tongue and nipples. "Under the waist, there may or may not have been some experimentation," the musician teased. "This was all done before I was 22. I've since had them all taken out."

The "Alone Together" rocker still has plenty of tattoos and trims his body hair to show them off. "I try to manscape semi-regularly, but I don't think it should feel too smooth," the 34-year-old explained. "At the same time, I don't want to feel like a guy who's been living on the streets for three years."

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