One of the #RichKids of Beverly Hills Gets Cut Off From Their Parents (Sorta)—See the Full Recap!

The #RichKids decide to cut loose after giving back and drama follows

By Jeffrey Wisenbaugh Jan 21, 2014 6:31 AMTags

Monday night marked the second night of the two-night season premiere event for #RichKids of Beverly Hills and we got to see even more of their #fabuluxe lifestyles.

Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart returned with hilarious #RichKids rules and Roxy Sowlaty actually gets cut off from her parents ('ll find out what we mean later in the recap).

In case you missed the episode or you just want to relive it, we've got the best moments from the show in a full recap!

The episode starts off with Morgan and Dorothy shopping...


Roxy meets up with them at the boutique and they decide to start planning a pool party to celebrate the successful blood drive they recently held.

Morgan notices that her nails are starting to chip and they need to be fixed before any kind of pool party can happen.

Dorothy and Morgan hit the nail salon and we learn a valuable life lesson...

Got it! (Hides nails...)

Dorothy admits that she wants to start looking for her own place and wants to move out of her parents house soon. At 25, she feels like it's a good age to get out there in the world and start living on her own.

Morgan suggests Dorothy looks at places with Brendan Fitzpatrick (successful real eastate agent and Morgan's bf).

They start looking at places and they're gorgeous and totally affordable! Only $3.2 million dollars for this one...

But that view!

The first couple places aren't really what she's looking for.

Dorothy has important priorities when picking out a place...

But she's not disheartened after all of the looking. She knows what she wants.

But through all of the searching, we also learn some things to look out for when picking our own place to live:

One, the selfie lighting has to be perfect...

And two, never smile at strangers.


Meanwhile, Roxy meets up with her aunt and finds out that her parents are cutting her off...for good.

Except they're still providing a roof over her head, food and a little bit of excess spending money (see, that's why we said sorta).

But basically, they're not going to be paying for her extravagant trips or buying her any new cars.

This is going to make it tough to keep up with her #RichKids friends. She admits she might have to exclude herself from future plans...

No, not Lychee Lou!!

While that drama is unfolding, Dorothy and Morgan start getting ready for the pool party and that includes shots...a couple of them.

People start arriving and the party gets poppin'. Brendan jumps into the pool with Morgan, music is playing and everyone seems to be having a great time!

See! Who said the #RichKids weren't cultured?! Nice Gatsby reference!

Roxy explains her current money situation to Morgan and Morgan calls her her "poor friend." Roxy laughs it off. Morgan actually gives her some good advice in the end. She tells her not to worry and explains they'll always be there for her, with or without money.

Aww, what a nice friend!

Dorothy tells the group she finally found a place to live and she's moving out soon!

Just a small place called The Century for a cool $3 million...


The #RichKids end the day with a poolside group pic and things seem to be drama free... until next week.

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