The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo

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The Hulk is going to the chapel and he's gonna get married.

Well, not exactly—but Mark Ruffalo is rumored to be getting a love interest in the next Avengers flick.

So, when we caught up with Mr. Ruffalo at the Sundance Film Festival, we couldn't help but ask, how does the Hulk have, well, sex?

"Just like everybody else—just a lot bigger," he cracked at the Chase Sapphire on Main dinner for his and Zoe Saldana's film, Infinitely Polar Bear. "He starts green and then goes back to his human form at the end, naturally. He gets big and then gets small."

Mark Ruffalo, Infinitely Polar Bears

And what is the Hulk looking for in a girlfriend?

Ruffalo smiled, "A woman with a very big…heart."

Superhero sex funniness aside, in Infinitely Polar Bear, Ruffalo plays man with bipolar disorder trying to raise his two young daughters while his wife attends business school.

"I read the script and I completely flipped over it," Ruffalo said.

He was intent on making sure his portrayal of the man didn't amount to a cruel and comical caricature of someone with mental illness.

"These people generally tend to be a lot of fun and very bright and deeply feeling," Ruffalo said. "I felt like the best way to handle it was just to be honest, as honest as possible, as honest as possible about the way he loves life and devours it, feels it deeply and as honest as possible about the way he loves his girls and as honest as possible about him going completely insane."



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