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The end is near.

In just two short weeks, fans will be faced with the season finale of Ravenswood and it's sure to be one terrifying tale—especially since this could be the last chance for Haleb fans to see their favorite couple reunite. That's right, romance lovers, Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson) is headed back to Ravenswood for the first time since the Halloween episode from hell and we've got all the scoop on her emotional visit.

We chatted with the ghostly star, Nicole Gale Anderson, and she spilled exclusive details on what's coming up for one of TV's most supernaturally-challenged love triangles—Plus, pillowcases full of scoop about Remy's (Britne Oldford) dangerous dreams in tonight's all-new episode.  

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Grab your jammies and your favorite teddy bear because we're about to step into one of the most frightening nightmares in TV history. We all know that Remy has been having some severe sleep issues, but did you know that those on the other side can invade your dreams?

Miranda is discovering some new powers in tonight's episode and you'll definitely want to stay awake to see them. "I think in one of the earlier episodes, fans were able to see Miranda and Caleb connect through their dreams, and that's something that she'll be able to do again," Anderson said. "Miranda will help Remy out with her dreams and she'll be able to jump into them."

So what will Miranda be doing in this dark dreamland? Let's just say that our little orphan ghost has definitely got some pent-up aggression that she's ready to unleash onto as many supernatural beings as possible. Basically, Miranda embraces her new powers and becomes a complete and total badass. You do you, girl!

And now onto the shipper scoop: Fans cried buckets in the winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars thanks to the heartbreaking scenes between a devastated Hanna and an emotionally-torn Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Although we understand why Caleb pushed Hanna away, it didn't make things any less "complicated." (Who else wanted to scream at Caleb every time he used that word?!)

Anderson teased that Hanna's return to Ravenswood will definitely help define the relationship status between Miranda and Caleb. "I think that even though there's a connection between the original Miranda and Caleb and the present day Miranda and Caleb, they are four completely different people," she said. "The present day Miranda and Caleb have gone through so much, and they share so many similar experiences and I think that's what initially connected them in their own way."

Ashley Benson, Pretty Little Liars


Don't freak out, Haleb fans! Anderson had more to say, and we think you'll really like it: "At the end of the day, Caleb still loves Hanna. He really does. And I think that everything is really confusing for Caleb, but I do think Hannah comes first for them, regardless of what he says."

The Ravenswood actress promised that Hanna "brings Caleb back to who he truly is," and that by the end of the finale, fans will have all their relationship questions fully answered. "[Hanna] knew him before all of this drama happened, and there is just kind of this lightness in him when she comes back, which I think will be nice for the fans," she continued. "I think things get a little sticky, and there's a love triangle that happens, if that's possible, but in the end, I do think that all the feelings and emotions are kind of sorted out by then."

Which relationship are you rooting for? Shout out your shipper allegiance in the comments below!

Ravenswood airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family.

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