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Be afraid, be very afraid.

ABC Family's spookiest series, Ravenswood, returns tonight with a jam-packed hour of thrills, chills and heart-pounding moments. In tonight's episode, titled "Revival," Remi (Britne Oldford) learns how to take control of her dreams and discovers shocking information regarding who and why the curse was created. (It's a lot like Inception, but a lot more terrifying.)

We'd recommend watching tonight's premiere on the couch with your favorite blankie, all the lights bright and shining, and of course cuddling with your best friends—they'll protect you! To help prepare you for all the frightening moments we've got five things you need to know about tonight's winder premiere, plus an exclusive look at Ravenswood's most terrifying resident.

1. You'll get to see a lot more of original Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson), but be warned Haleb fans, 1917's top couple will be getting pretty hot and heavy in the opening scene. Also in the opening scene? A very important sneak peek as to why the Ravenswood curse was created all those years ago.

2. Remi's dreams are so vividly terrifying that you'll be afraid to go to sleep tonight. We're serious! That town is already like a living nightmare so we have no idea how Remi isn't losing her mind when she finds disgusting body parts in her food. Please excuse us while we gag forever.

3. In the short time since her death, Miranda has really mastered her ghostly powers and she'll prove it tonight with a little game we like to call "Messing With Mrs. Grunwald."

4. When answering your 10 most burning Pretty Little Liars questions, we teased that Caleb is going to make a very bold decision about his relationship with Hanna. So when our favorite former troublemaker returns to town, you can bet that he'll have yet another heart-to-heart with Ravenwood's most adorable ghost.

5. Max is without a doubt the most terrifying character we've seen on TV since the ghouls and clowns of Are You Afraid of The Dark? haunted our dreams. She's like the Little Red Riding Hood from hell! Don't believe us? Check out our exclusive feature below to see how the 8-year-old is terrifying everyone on set...

The winter premiere of Ravenswood airs tonight at 9 p.m. on ABC Family

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