Carey Mulligan

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

How did Carey Mulligan prep to audition for her latest flick Inside Llewyn Davis?

It turns out the 28-year-old actress got a "bit tipsy" so that she could perfect her American accent before taping herself in anticipation of nabbing the role!

"I was so excited so I did the audition after a dinner where I had had a few drinks," the Brit beauty recently revealed during a taping of The Graham Norton Show. "My American accent is better after a few drinks and then I decided to eat something—it works for Brad Pitt, who eats all the time in films. It was a really drunk audition."

In the end, Mulligan did not send her drunk recording to Inside Llewyn Davis directors Joel and Ethan Coen. "Thank God, I didn't send it," she added.

Mulligan also opened up about her previous film The Great Gatsby. For that audition, she had the nerve-racking task of smooching costar Leonardo DiCaprio.

"It was daunting," she said. "It was really scary. Daisy has to kiss Gatsby, but you don't just kiss Leonardo DiCaprio. We were halfway through the scene and I was close to his face but had to ask the director if I should kiss him."

"He said yes, so I just did it and I got the job," she added. "That's how you get a job."

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