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Did you miss us as much as we missed you, scoop hounds?!

That's right, Spoiler Chat is back and five pounds heavier after enjoying all the cookies and pie a little too much over the holidays. But it also happens to be back with scoop on some of your favorite series, including Pretty Little Liars' heated new rivalry, a surprising duo that will be sharing some scenes on Teen Wolf and what's ahead for a fan favorite pairing on Arrow. Plus, we've got a seriously scandalous spoiler about The Mindy Project, as well as dirt on Shameless, Community and more...

Jenna: The Mindy Project is seriously the best, so I need some spoilers right now!
We've got two words for you: Sex. Tape. Yes, one of our beloved characters will find themselves garnering a little too much attention after their sex tape with an ex gets released. So who got caught on cam? It's one of these five characters: Mindy, Peter, Danny, Beverly or Morgan.

Peyton: Gimme anything you've got on Pretty Little Liars!
Remember that amazing Mona v. Ezra faceoff in the winter premiere? Well get excited because we've got some great new insight as to what was going through Mona's manipulative little mind during those tense moments. PLL executive producer Joseph Dougherty explained that Mona does not necessarily think that Ezra is A. "I think Mona thinks they're both working for the same person, but of course that might be ego on her part," he said. "So again I'm not so sure she thinks she's working for him. Being a super genius and being an evil genius is rough, it takes a lot out of you."

Caroline: Confession: I am totally shipping Felicity and Oliver on Arrow. Please give me some good news.
Prepare for all of the Olicity feels when Arrow returns on Wednesday as Stephen Amell  tells us, "That relationship is really moving in a new direction. It's one of those things where, guys do this all the time, you don't realize the depths and levels of your feelings for someone until someone else likes them." And we can tell you Oliver definitely is copping some ‘tude towards the tech whiz after she takes a trip to a certain city to check on a certain someone who's been struck by a bolt of lightning.

Keegan: I need some scoop on the new girl Kira on Teen Wolf. Who will she be spending a lot of time with?
Kira is pretty darn luck and gets to share scenes with the whole gang, but one older wolf in particular will be spending time with the slightly awkward newbie, thanks to Scott's interest in her it seems. "Kira definitely has interactions with a little bit of everybody. It's funny because Derek kind of gets involved too and I don't know if it's appropriate, but he's kind of like the papa bear," Arden Cho tells us. "He kind of looks out for everybody, you know what I mean? In a weird way. He's got Scott's back, so he kind of gets involved too."


Vivian Zink/NBC

Becca Anne: I will seriously love you guys forever if you give me some Originals scoop!
Well, then get ready to give us a lifetime supply of lovin'! We recently chatted with New Orleans' hottest vampire king Charles Michael Davis (Sorry, not sorry, Klaus) about what fans can expect from Tuesday's sure-to-be shocking mid-season premiere. Two words: Girl power. "I think that's something that you haven't really seen yet from the show and I think that it'll be really fun to see the girls kind of taking the power back." And get ready for a little witch and werewolf friendship to bloom because Davis says: "You're definitely going to get to see the chemistry between [Haley and Davina]." Fierce.

Beth: I'm so excited to have Community back in my life, but I can't believe Pierce died! What's next for the  Greendale gang?
Another hilarious, fantastic, secret-revealing bottle episode, for one. Episode four, titled "Cooperative Polygraphy" finds the study group (including Teacher Jeff) confined to the study room for some polygraph tests, overseen by Justified's Walton Goggins. Why? Oh, it just has to do with someone's will. There is also sperm involved, because of course there is.

Greg: What's the latest on America's new favorite anti-hero Ray Donovan?
Well, repercussions following the death of Sully Sullivan aren't going to just vanish. Look for a new reporter character to start investigating good ol' Ray. Oh yeah, the FBI is getting involved too. That's just a tiny fact we forgot about. The head of the Los Angeles division of the FBI starts looking at Ray and you can expect the two will become quite the adversaries.

Timothy: I am thrilled that Shameless is finally back! What else is coming up for the Gallaghers?
A whole lotta craziness, that's what! Now that Fiona is dating her boss, let's just say that her work life and her personal life are going to get pretty damn messy. Especially once she learns that her new beau's number one pet peeve is lying. That's like second nature for Fiona. Speaking of relationships, Debby is about to find herself quite the adorable little boy-toy but remember to be on the lookout because if they're not family, they're not trustworthy. Heck, even if they are family they're not trustworthy!

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