Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC

Grab your weapons and stay on your toes because The Walking Dead is almost back!

The smash AMC series is currently on a brief hiatus from their jaw-droppingly fun season four and we're counting down the minutes until we can be reunited with our favorite zombie killers. 

Now that our post-apocalyptic friends have left the comfort and security of the prison behind, it's time to see all the thrills and chills that their walker-filled world has in store—and we've got your first look!

From new enemies to dangerous endeavors, it's safe to say that things in The Walking Dead are going to be far from dull when the smash series returns next month. 

In the brief yet jam-packed mid season premiere teaser above, fans will get a glimpse at the new problems our scrappy gang will face in the second half of season four. 

After flashing through all of our remaining beloved characters, we're heartbroken to be reminded that Hershel will not be joining our heroes on this new leg of their terrifying journey. However on a more positive note, nothing makes us smile more than seeing a badass Daryl (Norman Reedus) armed with a scowl and his crossbow.

The most shocking seconds of the trailer feature an almost post-pubescent Carl (Chandler Riggs) feverishly trying to shake his Dad awake. Do you think Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is really in trouble or is he just finally catching up on some desperately needed sleep? We only have to wait a few more weeks to find out!

The Walking Dead returns Sunday Feb. 9 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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