The Walking Dead’s Deadliest Episode Ever, A Body Snatcher Snafu on Once Upon a Time and More OMG TV Moments!

Catch up on all the latest jaw-dropping TV moments from Sunday, Dec. 1

By Leanne Aguilera Dec 02, 2013 5:58 AMTags
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Warning: We're about to run down the biggest TV moments from Sunday night. If you don't want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Walking Dead: Holy. Freakin. Crap!!! Tonight's mid-season finale of The Walking Dead was balls-to-the-walls crazy and we still can't believe that all those deaths happened! Let's dish: The Governor was on a mission to fins a new (and super secure) home for his new makeshift family so he attacked our beloved prison. "Brian" (The Governor) captured Michonne and Hershel and held them hostage as he rallied up his group saying that the people inside the prison were murderers.

Get ready y'all, because there is a whole lotta death coming your way: Frustrated with Rick for not handing over the prison, The Governor cut off Hershel's head with a sword. (Noooo!) Meghan (the little girl) was attacked and killed by walkers, and while the Governor was two seconds away from strangling Rick to death, Michonne snuck up and finally sliced the man she has always wanted to kill. However it was Lily ("Brian's" new beau) who finally put a bullet through The Governor's brain. RIP, One-eye Bri!

Rick reunited with Carl safe and sound but the little family was horrified to find Judith's crib wad bloody and empty. Wow. What a fantastic and crazy episode! Definitely the best of the season. Which death hurt you the most? Sound off in the comments below!

HomelandAnd let's exhale all together now. Brody successfully made it to the Iranian border and found asylum, meaning phase one of the plan is complete. (Woohoo!) Of course, it wasn't without hiccups. And by "hiccups" we mean an entire hour of stress and anxiety. But of course since this is Homeland, it was riveting nonetheless.

After murdering Iraq police in order to keep their cover, the jeep carrying Brody and one of his CIA escorts hit an IED, and for a good minute or so we feared the worst. (There may have been some hyperventilating and tears…)  Luckily, Brody crawled out, and Saul and Carrie decided to abort the mission as his escort was severely wounded.

If Brody were to cross the border, he'd be without ground help or an extraction plan. But Brody told Carrie he believed that she would get him home, and he took off running with another CIA soldier following him. Both arrived safely and got an audience with Javadi, who then promptly shot Brody's escort in the head. Harsh. Obviously that set Brody off, who was already extremely mentally fragile to begin with. However, Javadi just asked him if he was ready for phase two, and Brody gave him a little nod. And back in the states. Carrie brought Fara in to (reluctantly) work on an extraction plan. Only two episodes left, people! 


Once Upon a Time: Tonight's episode was a race to save Henry's life and it was a wickedly exciting one lead by Regina. The evil queen, turned pissed-off mother was determined to snatch back her son's heart from Pan's corrupt little body. She seamlessly got past Pan's obstacles and finally had her fairytale hero of a moment by retrieving Henry's heart and placing it back in her son's body once they were safely aboard their ship home. And they all lived happily ever after, right? Wrong.

In a last minute attempt to steal Henry's shadow, Pan snuck aboard the Jolly Roger but he was foiled in mission by his very pissed off son, Rumple. (He was set free from the box!) Rumple captured Pan and securely locked him away in Pandora's Box for all of eternity. But, wait… there's more! It turns out that the Once writers had yet another trick up their sleeves. Pan used his last bit of magic to switch his soul with Henry's and no one knows that it was actually Henry that is now trapped in Pandora's Box. Yikes!

The Mentalist: It's time for a time jump! After last week's mind-blowing Red John reveal, we returned tonight to see that Patrick Jane and Co. have jumped ahead two years. After trying to evade his FBI duties by speaking broken Spanish and hiding on an unnamed island, FBI's Austin field office found him and offered him a deal which indentured him to the FBI for five years, all while on parole. However, Jane chose to decline the deal, but he slyly told Lisbon, "Don't worry, it's all under control." Hmm, what are you planning Jane?

The Good Wife: Holy hundredth episode! The CBS hit series pulled out all the stops in tonight's jaw-dropping hour! In fact, the episode was so good that we devoted an entire article to it. Get caught up on all the twist and turns from The Good Wife's 100th episode right here