Barbara Walters, Miley Cyrus, 10 Most Fascinating People

ABC/ Heidi Gutman

Barbara Walters has interviewed royalty, heads of state and screen icons for more than half a century, but can any of those people twerk the same way Miley Cyrus can? Doubtful.

The "Adore You" singer is just one of several stars interviewed for Walters annual 10 Most Fascinating People special, which airs Wednesday, Dec. 18, at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. "I interviewed Miley five years ago. She was 16 years old, and who knew what her future was going to be? And now we see that she is bigger at 21 than she was as an adolescent," Walters tells E! News. "We weren't sure that she could make that transition, and she has."

While Walters can empathize with Cyrus' struggle to remain successful while distancing herself from the Disney Channel branding that made her famous, the TV journalist was confused about the singer's incessant twerking. "I do not twerk, so it was not my favorite subject," the 84-year-old admits.

Barbara Walters, Jennifer Lawrence, 10 Most Fascinating People

ABC/ Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Cyrus isn't the only young star to make this year's list. Jennifer Lawrence has proven to be an awards show contender and a box office dynamo—no easy feat for an actress of any age. "There is a quality about her, a freshness and frankness, and she happens to be just a terrifically talented woman," Walters gushes. "This is a huge star who's normal! And even though she hates to be called that all the time, she is."

Walters also chose Kim Kardashian and Kanye West as 2013's It Couple. "There isn't a week that we don't talk about them on The View. And I also happen to like them. You know, they're fun and they're nice and I enjoy interviewing each of them," she says. "They're beautiful, they're successful, more or less talented, and we just sort of like them. They're fun."

The youngest person to make the list, however, has yet to even speak: it's Prince George!

"The royal baby was the biggest event of the year," Walters tells E! News. "For a little baby who did not do interviews, he became the biggest stars."

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