Shakira, Milan Piqué Mebarak

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Christmas time calls for some salsa music!

Holiday celebrations may be a little different than what many are used to when it comes to Shakira and her family. The singer and new mom explained on the Today Show earlier this morning what Christmas was like for her growing up.

"Christmas in Colombia is a whole different story," she said. "You're not going to hear a lot of the traditional Christmas carols. We have adaptations to those songs in merengue and salsa rhythm...But it's all about the family and spending time with your loved ones."

And this year, the Spanish singer will have an extra little loved one to spend the holidays with—her baby son, Milan. The young tot, who turns a year old in January, will be celebrating his first Christmas with his hip-shaking mama and soccer dad Gerard Piqué this year.

So what's the family got in store for the festive occasion?!

Along with enjoying each other's company, Shakira hopes to really show her baby boy what this season is all about by setting a good example and helping others. "I want him to love people," she said. "I want him to really grow up in a world where he trusts others."

The Voice judge has been doing her part to help others through her philanthropy work (she started the Barefoot Foundation when she was 18 to address inequalities in education) and recently donated school supplies to children in need.

"We often ask ourselves, 'Why am I here?'" she said. "I know I'm not here to eternally shake it. You know, I love my career...but definitely working with children has been one of the most satisfying and fulfilling things that I've done in my life."

Shak, who's also worked extensively with UNICEF and the Clinton Global Initiative, had once said that her do-gooding ways won't take a back seat when she became a mama. "When the baby is born, I'll take him with me on charity trips," she said in October 2012. "He shall learn that he is able to change the world."

That hasn't changed.

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