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Call off the bump watch. Though several media outlets have recently been speculating that Julia Roberts is pregnant with her fourth child, the August: Osage County star isn't expecting another baby with husband Danny Moder. The Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee addressed the rumors during a Thursday, Dec. 12, appearance on CBS' Late Show With David Letterman.

Roberts—mom 9-year-old twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and 6-year-old son Henry—is done having children. "Have you thought about adding more to the group?" host David Letterman asked. "Oh, sure," Roberts replied, flashing her megawatt smile. "Any chance?" he prodded. "No," she said flatly.

The 46-year-old actress said her family will be spending Christmas at home, where they'll be "counting fingers toes and blessings."

Right now, however, her trio of mini-mes are focusing on school. "God, I hate homework. I hated it when I had to do it and now I hate it when they have to do it," Roberts said. "When they come home from school, I want them back."

Roberts insisted that her children are unaware that their mother is one of the most famous women in the world. "They know I'm their mother and they know that I work in show business, as does their father," she said of Moder, who works as a cameraman. Asked if the kids have seen her work, she replied, "Oh god no! No, no, no. No!"

When Henry's not doing homework, Roberts said he "likes to run around the yard, climb one particular tree, and just pretend he's in wide open spaces."

During her nearly 20-minute chat with Letterman, Roberts also ribbed her longtime friend for not remembering her birthday in October. "Here is something that maybe you don't know about David Letterman: he has not forgotten my birthday, with a bouquet of flowers, in 15 years...until this year," she said. "Please do not fire your secretary! It's the holiday season!"

"I was busy," Letterman said. "I've got a lot of things going on." He then told the crew, "If she's gonna whine about it, bring in the flowers. Happy birthday."

"I feel like Miss America," Roberts said after receiving a beautiful arrangement. "Why did anybody tell you that you forgot my birthday? Because I just mentioned it as a joke earlier and somebody told you, because this wasn't in the hallway."

Letterman more than made up for his mistake by presenting Roberts with another four bouquets.

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