If you're still unsure about whether or not you're going to watch American Hustle in theaters, let us help you decide—the answer is yes, and we'll tell you why.

No, it's not Christian Bale's greasy combover, Bradley Cooper's perm or the actual storyline (although it does look fantastic). It's because of Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Sure, it's expected that these two deliver spectacular performances, but that's not it, either.

Adams gets naked and kisses J.Law's "soft" and "full lips" in the flick.

We rest our case.

"She's awesome," Adams tells E! News of Lawrence. "It's funny because after the first take of that, I ended up with lipstick out to here [gestures all around her mouth]—she has very full lips—and also playing somebody who's not puckering for a kiss, its really interesting how a kiss hits you when you're not participating in it."

American Hustle, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams

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"I looked in the mirror, and its meant to be this really dramatic moment, and I can hear her out there laughing and I'm laughing because she pulled back and looked at me and ran out of the room. And I hear her laughing, and I couldn't figure out why she was laughing at first and then I look in the mirror and I'm all serious and I was like, 'Well, that's not gonna work.' I looked ridiculous."

She continues, "Jennifer pulls it off wonderfully because you believe it again as part of the character. It doesn't feel like this salacious, sexual kiss between two women. Its part of her struggle for control."

The actress also reveals to E! News that her nude scene in the film was actually a last-minute decision by director David O. Russell.

"I might have had a gin and tonic actually before that scene," Amy says.

"David threw that at me last minute, too. He didn't give me time to think about it at all. It was the night before, so I got a text or I might have woken up in the morning, saying, 'I think your character might have been a stripper. I think we wanna shoot it.' And its the first day of filming and its the end of the day, so I said, 'Well, as long as you let me look at the scene, I'll do it.' And he did."

But doesn't a lady need some more time to prepare (especially if grooming is involved)?!

"Well, it was the '70s, so I wasn't that worried. I let it go, just gotta let it go," Adams laughs.

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