Jessica Biel, Domaine Home

Now this is what we call chic!

Jessica Biel recently tried her hand at interior design working with Domaine Home to create her dream holiday room, and we're totally blown away by her serious skills.

Of course we knew that the brunette beauty had excellent taste in fashion and men (ahem, hot hubby Justin Timberlake), but we had no idea she was also quite the domestic diva, too!

One glance at these stunning images, and it's pretty obvious that the actress and wife to HomeMint cofounder and dapper gent J.T. clearly knows how to spice up an ordinary room.

Jessica Biel, Domaine Home

Her vision for this elaborate space was modern, classy and certainly stylish.

For starters, she created incredible visual interest with a striking black-and-white striped couch and warmed up the space with patterned throw pillows, tapestry rugs and plenty of lush greenery. 

Jessica Biel, Domaine Home

She also adorned a towering Christmas tree with strings of white lights, pearls, black satin ribbons and camellia flowers—an elegant nod to (who else?) Coco Chanel.

Love it!

For a slightly masculine touch, Biel brought in worn-in leather chairs and rustic wooden tables, and softened it with shimmering crystal candle holders and tabletop decorative items for a touch of girly glamour. 

As for the white walls, the savvy star selected charming black-and-white framed prints for a classic touch, and also stacked plenty of gorgeous coffee table books to create unexpected side tables surrounding the marble tabletop.

Well done, Jess!

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