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Ben Stiller has left his mark on Hollywood Boulevard.

The legendary actor and famous funnyman was honored with a hand and footprint ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre today in Hollywood, and along with delivering a speech which showcased his known humor, Stiller was also praised by his good pal Tom Cruise.

"He's a cinophile, like I am," Cruise told the crowd. "He loves movies, we talk about movies, he honors films, and here he is—you know Reality Bites is the first film that he directed. And I always knew that he wanted to direct from early on and you see all the range of films that he's directed—Reality Bites, Cable Guy and another classic, Zoolander—absolute classic."

Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor

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"It meant so much to me because I really look up to Tom as a filmmaker," Stiller told E! News at the event. "You know the movies that he's made, the choices that he's made over his career—it's amazing when you look at his body of work. And he's like, besides being an incredible movie star the world-over, he's also an incredibly hard-working lover of filmmaking and I love working with him. The fact that he would show up for this meant a lot to me."

Stiller, who was also joined by his wife Christine Taylor and their two kids, daughter Ella, 11, and son Quinlin, 8, used his opportunity at the podium to shoot some jokes about his career and the sacrifices that he's made over the years.

"This is like a weird, surreal dream. I'm here at the Chinese Theatre, I'm getting my handprints in the cement, Tom Cruise is there, Michael Jordan comes out, does a slam dunk over a Lamborghini, The Beastie Boys dedicate a song to me and Cheryl Ladd pops out of a cake. That's usually how the dream ends for me," he said.

"We met a long time ago," The Secret Life of Walter Mitty star said of Cruise, "but we really got to know each other when we did this little MTV short—and I did leave my honeymoon early, but Christy knows it was raining and there bugs at the resort. In the short, I play Tom's sickafantic, stunt double, who's obsessed with him. Over the years, we've gotten to know each other and I'm proud to say I'm Tom's sickafantic friend that's obsessed with him."

Stiller continued, "My mom and dad couldn't be here, but I wanna thank them. I wouldn't be here without the love, support, nurturing and all the other stuff they withheld from me as a child. My wife Christine and our two beautiful children are here, Quin and Ella. Hopefully this shows you that all the years of not being there for school conferences, obo recitals, birthdays…all of it was worth it. Because here we are together on Hollywood Boulevard, watching me kneel on the ground and stick my hands in wet cement. And kids, I hope you're coming to the luncheon afterwards, it'd be really fun to catch up."

—Reporting by Mike Wilber

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