Chrissy Teigen, Instagram


Let's get ready to rumble!

It's almost Thanksgiving and you know what that means...It's almost Black Friday. Cue the videos of stampedes and shouting matches. Or if you're supermodels, things go down a little differently. And by differently, we mean: way more glam.

As shown in a new ad by Rompage (we're guessing pun intended), when Chrissy Teigen dukes it out with fellow models Hannah Jeter and Tori Praver clothes get torn off, weaves get pulled out, but you know, in a stylish—and hilarious—way.

And despite Chrissy saying that she "beat the eff out of a couple of supermodels over boots," the trio seem to survive their accessories assault looking better than ever. Nothing like a bit of wrestling to give your tresses that sexy bedhead effect, right?

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