Delivery Man

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Vince Vaughn is playing a dad. 

Kind of.

Vaughn plays David Wosniak, a fortysomething Brooklynite who's likeable, but has no prospects for a more adult life. He's got a girlfriend played by Cobie Smulders and pal Chris Pratt who's got kids who keep him pretty busy, but back in the '90s Wosniak was a sperm donor for cash. Turns out, his contributions got used. A lot. So now he's the biological father of 533 children, 142 of whom are trying to get the fertility clinic to reveal the true identity of the donor named Starbuck.

As David secretly gets to know his 142 he realizes his life's calling: to be a guardian angel to them all.

Here are things to know about Vince Vaughn's latest:

Delivery Man, Holiday Movie Guide


1. This Is a New Kind of Vince Vaughn: Following with his summer internship flick with Owen Wilson, Vaughn appears to be intent upon playing a more grown-up kind of goofball. Lately, he's less his former Swingers-self, more the dude who still has that speedy banter but ready and resolved to be an adult. As much as we like the Vaughn who crashes weddings and so forth, this more adult version is pretty fun, too.

2. The Director Is Experienced With This Story: Ken Scott directed the original film, and now returns to make an American version of his 2011 hit. Though you probably haven't seen it, the two films are pretty similar, right down to the girlfriend who's pregnant with David's 534th.

3. Chris Pratt Is Awesome: The Parks & Rec star plays Brett, David's sorta lawyer pal. Pratt's good guy charisma, and a scene involving a very big gaffe, make for some of the film's funniest moments.

4. The 533: Who doesn't love a big brood of kids? So, a really big one should be even better, right? Kristen (Britt Robertson) is one of David's first hard-luck cases. He befriends her by posing as the world's most friendly pizza delivery dude. Later, David connects with a shy young man, a basketball star, a struggling musician and (why not?) a struggling actor. Vaughn is there to help.

5. Feel-Good Movie? That Can Mean Just One Thing: It's the holidays, people! Delivery Man, About Time and The Best Man Holiday signal Hollywood's push for feel good, life-affirming movies. So check you inner Grinch at the door and let the warm fuzzies wash over you.

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