14 Times Kim Kardashian Is Naked in Kanye West's "Bound 2" Music Video

The rapper debuted the racy video on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

By John Boone Nov 19, 2013 5:36 PMTags

Kanye West premiered his music video for "Bound 2" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. It is an exciting green screen adventure that features...


And this new Kanye West dance move!

You go, Kanye! Great dance move, Kanye!

Also, by the way, fiancée Kim Kardashian is naked in it! A lot! 

Like here:

And here:

Here, Kim Kardashian is naked in a whimsical field:

And here she is naked and LOOOOOVING her trip to Arizona:

Nevada? The Grand Canyon? 

We're just going off the plateaus here, people.

Here, she is naked and rubbing her bottom lip on Kanye West's neck.

Which is not how anyone kisses.

Here, Kim Kardashian is naked on a motorcycle.

Here, Kim Kardashian is naked on a motorcycle again.

And here Kim Kardashian is naked on a motorcycle THAT IS FLYING IN THE CLOUDS.


Here, Kim Kardashian is naked and stretching.

If you were naked on a motorcycle for that long you would need to stretch too.

Here, Kim Kardashian drives a motorcycle backwards. Or something.

Here she is naked and letting the Arizona wind whip through her hair!

A distraction to the driver, surely, but consult the previous point (i.e. backwards driving of a motorcycle. Or something.) Clearly we're not following the Rules of the Road here, guys!

Here is...this:

Which speaks for itself. Or maybe it doesn't. What is happening in that shot?!

And FINALLY, the video features SHOOTING STARS:

Wait, what were you looking at here? The shooting stars, right?