The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Murray Close/Lionsgate

In Catching Fire, Finnick Odair is described as literally the most handsome tribute ever.

Oh, OK! That's a lot of attractiveness that no one could ever live up to. Which is why Finnick is an imaginary character. But after a casting process that may have included hottie Armie Hammer, hottie Garrett Hedlund and oh-my-god-it's-Tim-Riggins Taylor Kitsch, the role went to Sam Claflin

Recently, Sam opened up to Elle UK about the insecurities that come with it.

Here is our open letter in response:

His Point: "When I first found out I'd got Finnick I went on the Internet to see people's reactions. And I'm on Twitter so people were sending me their reactions. Some were more harsh than others."

Our Counterpoint: This photograph. In which he is the perfect Finnick.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire


(Also, everyone hated Jennifer Lawrence when she was cast as Katniss and look at her now. Soooo, tell them to suck it? At some point in time, people will decide to wait until they actually see a movie to review it and that will be a glorious day for humanity.)

His Point: "I'm seriously insecure about my body. I'm not someone who'll take my top off on the beach. I'll wear a vest." 

Our Counterpoint: This photograph. Of Sam very much pulling off an unforgiving, tight wetsuit.

Sam Claflin, Hunger Games: Catching Fire


His Point: "My wife calls me manorexic, I do seriously have issues, I think. She thinks I'm getting so skinny, but I look at myself and think I'm getting fat."

Our Counterpoint: This photography. In which you look great, Sam.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Capitol Couture, Sam Claflin

Lionsgate/Capitol Couture

Just the way, size, shape, form, you are.

His Point: "It's the way the Hollywood [ideal] is thrown at you. There's an element of wanting to be Ryan Gosling with a perfect six pack.'"

Our Counterpoint: This photograph. In which Sam is ridiculously good looking.

Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Capitol Couture, Sam Claflin

Lionsgate/Capitol Couture

Dang, what a messed-up world we live in when someone who looks like this feels insecure compared to the "ideal." It makes ladies miserable, it makes guys miserable, too. We should knock that off.

Anyway, here is a picture of Sam on the red carpet:

Sam Claflin, Laura Haddock

Mike Marsland/WireImage

And we ain't mad at it.

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