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Tough day to be Justin Bieber.

The pop star was no doubt excited to see his new song "PYD" featuring R. Kelly become available on iTunes this morning. And it's probably safe to say that he felt pretty confident that it would dominate the singles chart.

Unfortunately, he found himself with a little bit of competition in the form of One Direction, whose new track "Diana" also got released—not to mention the band's entire Midnight Memories album getting leaked—and quickly went straight to No. 1, thereby pushing Bieber to second place.

Justin Bieber, Mally, Monkey

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Meanwhile, it looks as if Bieber is still dealing with some monkey business. Literally.

If you recall, the singer's pet monkey, Mally, was seized earlier this year by German customs officials when the "All Bad" singer failed to provide the requisite paperwork during a tour stop in Munich.

Bieber was given six weeks to present papers, but failed to do so within that time frame. As a result, Mally became "the property of Germany." He was subsequently sent an invoice to pay for the cost of Mally's care at the shelter he was being held, estimated to be about $6,500.

Cut to today, where E! News has learned exclusively that Bieber now owes nearly $11,000 in charges.

According to Germany's Federal Agency for Nature Conservation attorney Ellen Frederichs, the amount covers the cost of hosting Mally in an animal shelter in Munich from March until the end of May 2013 and the subsequent transport of the monkey from Munich to his home at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, as well as a fine set up against Bieber by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation because of his offense against the Nature Conservation Law.

"We have sent Mr. Bieber a letter to his private address informing him about the reasons and his duty to pay the mentioned amount," Frederichs says. "Additionally, a copy of that letter was handed out in the presence of Justin Bieber to one of his staff members on Nov. 13, 2013. So far, we have not received any payments."

As for how Mally is doing, Juliane Gunkel, spokesperson for The Serengeti Park, tells E! News, "Mally is really well. He is completely integrated in our group and is totally happy. He also behaves like a real monkey, so we are absolutely satisfied with our success of reintegration of the human-oriented monkey into the Capuchin family here. He is playing with Molly (our own small Capuchin) on the island."

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