Holiday Gadget Gift Guide

Every year it's the same: The holiday shopping season arrives and there's a mad dash to get the hottest electronics and tech gear. Admittedly, we'd do pretty much anything (within reason, of course) to get our hands on the new iPad Air. Whenever the newest tech stuff comes out, suddenly our iPhone 4 seems ancient. And it's time to for an upgrade!

With so many new releases, it can be tricky to determine what's awesome and what's just a piece of junk that requires batteries. Luckily, we've done the legwork for you and found all the very best geek-chic gadgets out there this holiday season. We're talking the absolute cream of the gizmo crop. 

From the new Sony PlayStation4 to the latest from Panasonic, we've got plenty of picks for everyone on your list. These are the type of gifts you'll definitely want to buy two of: one for your family or friend...and one for you.

And it doesn't matter how tech-savvy everyone on your shopping list is. Whether they're completely cutting edge or still living in 2007, we guarantee these sweet gadgets will be a total hit. 

PHOTOS: Holiday Gadget Gift Guide 2013

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