Sometimes it's hard not to make fun of Justin Bieber—even for Scooter Braun.

The music manager did just that—lovingly, of course—in a teaser clip from Believe Justin posted Friday, Nov. 15, ahead of the movie's trailer release.

To be fair, Justin did his best Scooter impersonation first, broodily pacing the floor and growling in frustration. He then proceeded to mimic Ryan Good, his friend and former swag coach, by energetically dancing in place. The bromantic duo then struck a pose only swaggy bros can do.

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But it's Scooter's Justin impersonation that takes the cake "What are you doing?" he asks in character, mimicking the singer's mannerisms and intonation almost perfectly. "But why would you do that? You're not understanding! You need to hear what I'm saying. Let me finish! No, let me talk because I'm a man now!"

Ah, yes, 19-years-old and all grown up! "They're always picking on me," he whined playfully in response.

In truth, though, Justin's he's probably pleased that it's just Scooter taking a jab at him this time. Miley Cyrus—who has been all about shedding that Hannah Montana image!—parodied the video taken of Justin sleeping shot by Tati Neves, a Brazilian model. Her funny impersonation was in jest, too.

So Biebs, we joke because we love you!

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