Gabriela Isler

AP Photo/Pavel Golovkin

For Gabriela Isler, winning the Miss Universe pageant on Nov. 9 was priceless. But she's finding the perks are pretty good too.

The gorgous 25-year-old TV personality hailing from Venezuela made her first official public appearance as Miss Universe in Moscow on Sunday by posing in a jewel-studded swimsuit worth a reported $1 million!

Per the Deccan Chronicle, the gltizy monokini was designed by Yamamay and featured 900 stones stiched into the swimwear, from diamonds and rubies to emerald pendants.

"I'm very simple but very elegant, so it's like me," Isler told reporters at the photoshoot at a Moscow Hotel.

On being crowned Miss Universe, the brunette beauty added: "I feel very happy to share my first day as Miss Universe. I'm a simple girl. I am just come to have fun, to enjoy the moment—and here I am."

Here she is indeed—wearing one super-pricey bathing suit!

Miss Universe organizers, who had armed guards keeping a close eye on the swimwear, did not say whether the bathing suit was for sale. Though given Donald Trump owns the rights to the Miss Universe contest, we'd be a little surprised if it doesn't have any gold in there somewhere.

Isler however made clear she wouldn't mind taking it home with her.

"I'm still asking: Where are those guards? Because I'll run with it," she joked.

No doubt, she'll look radiant doing it.

During the competition, Isler impressed the judges, including Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, when she opted for a red-hot two-piece and nude pumps during the bikini competition. 

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