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Two brothers and a baby?!

Oh, the tangled web The Originals is weaving between Klaus (Joseph Morgan), his brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), the werewolf girl carrying Klaus' baby (and the potential harbinger of the apocalypse?!) after a one-night stand. 

Though it's a very slow burn, there is definitely a spark between Elijah and Hayley, one that will continue to strengthen, which of course threatens Klaus. But does Elijah and Hayley's potential romance even stand a chance? And how will Klaus react to the bond? We chatted with Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin and Joseph Morgan to get scoop on what's next for the trio…

We advise fans hoping for a Haylijah (Best ship name ever? Discuss!) kiss to not hold their breath.

"I think it's a really nice bond at the moment and they're still being very careful," Tonkin previews. "Obviously she's pregnant with his brother's child and she's not trying to get herself in a situation between two brothers or anything right now."

"It's all very innocent right now and kind of glances," she continues. "There's obviously chemistry between the two of them, but they don't really want to act on it or know what the chemistry is."

Gillies admits it's "weird" that Elijah would want to pursue any kind of romantic relationship with Hayley, asking, "Could it be any more complicated and more of a minefield?" 

But he teases that we will definitely see more of the relationship: "It seems like the more that they try and resist it, the more that it snowballs. It will be interesting to see where that develops to, because I sense him—at the moment in the scripts—pulling away really hard, which can signify one of two things: one, that he's either really going to jump in with both feet or he's gonna wrench himself away from it. I don't know, but they are definitely magnetically drawn to one another."

Yeah, we definitely vote for the jump-in-with-both-feet option.

The Originals

Someone voting for the other option? Klaus, who will definitely make his feelings about Elijah's interest in Hayley known in the coming episodes, a story decision Morgan is particularly inspired by.

"There's the idea that Elijah is usurping his role as father. Having this family is what Elijah wants most; family above all. He's taking on that role and that is addressed in the show," he explains. "We're not beating around that bush. We'll absolutely make reference to the fact that you might think that he's the father with the way that he's acting. That's a lot of fun. I think that was a really fair decision from the writers to create that romantic tension between those two characters because that really messes with Klaus."

Tonkin adds, "Klaus isn't used to not getting what he wants, not that he thinks he wants Hayley, but I don't think he'd like to see his brother take the mother of his child away."

The Originals airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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