Jenna Dewan Talks Plans for Baby No. 2 With Sexier-Than-Ever Hubby Channing Tatum

Witches of East End star said on Tuesday's E! News that more kids are definitely in their future

By Natalie Finn Nov 06, 2013 4:16 AMTags

Jenna Dewan may not be getting much sleep, but it sounds as if being awake is where the dream is at these days.

"Look at those cheeks!" the Witches of East End star marveled at a photo of her 5 1/2-month-old daughter, Everly, that E! NewsGiuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy showed her today in studio. "I had those apple cheeks when I was a baby."

The proud new mom could do nothing but rave about her first child with husband Channing Tatum.

"She's musical, she's happy, she's dancing around all the time and bouncing and moving," Dewan gushed. And she even made pregnancy sound like a breeze.

"Pregnancy, for me, was great," she revealed. "I had the best pregnancy—I wasn't sick, I was happy, my hormones were working for me. Everything was good. It was like, right afterwards, you're getting no sleep...You just have to get past that point and they start interacting with you, and it's amazing."

Speaking of the aftermath, the 32-year-old dancer and actress also said that working out while pregnant definitely paid off when it came time to drop the baby weight—because there just wasn't as much baby weight to drop!

"I wish there was a magical secret, but I worked out a lot while I was pregnant," she explained, "like every day I was doing hikes and walks and working out with my trainer." Dewan also credited her vegan diet with bounce right back into shape.

Asked if she and Tatum were planning on having more kids, she said that she wants more kids "maybe a little bit later."


"Yeah, this is kind of the wrong time to ask me when I'm getting four hours of sleep a night," laughed Dewan, who plays a good witch who's caught in a love triangle with two brothers and is just coming to terms with her newfound powers in Witches of East End, airing Sundays on Lifetime.

Besides, maybe her hubby's current degree of sexiness is high enough for now.

"There is nothing sexier than seeing the man you love, like, holding your beautiful baby," she said, noting that Tatum—the reigning Sexiest Man Alive—has only gotten hotter since becoming a dad.

"And the way he rocks her and he sings to her—and he's so gentle and sweet and sensitive with her, and it melts you, it really does," his lucky wife said.

Why go to sleep at all?!