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Halloween may be over, but the thrills and chills are just beginning.

Ravenswood, ABC Family's terrifyingly addictive new hit drama, returns tonight with an episode that will definitely made you believe in dark forces and fated mysteries.  

In last week's heart-breaking episode, fans were shocked to learn that Miranda did not survive the car crash and now our spunky heroine is forced to face the frightening spirit realm as a lonely little ghost. Imagine Casper, but much cuter!

Since this show is our new Tuesday night obsession, we were dying to find out more about the twists and turns that are coming to this creepy little town. So we just had a spooky chat with star Nicole Gale Anderson and she spilled exclusive details on if Miranda will be trapped as a ghost forever, the evil spirits that haunt the other side, and how The Five will be still affected by the deadly curse.

Our jaws dropped to the floor when we discovered that Miranda is now a spirit stuck in the supernatural realm, and we weren't the only ones who were shocked by this news. Anderson exclusively tells us that she discovered her character's ghostly fate while in a chemistry audition with fellow star Tyler Blackburn. "I thought, 'Oh my gosh this is crazy!' I did not see that coming, but it's been really fun," she says, "It's definitely been challenging in some ways, but very exciting nonetheless."

The Ravenswoodstar reveals that Miranda will be facing some extremely difficult challenges and there's only so much that Caleb can do to ease her fears. "Miranda is in this whole new world where she doesn't know how long she is going to be there or what the rules are. What she can and cannot do or even what she's capable of," she says. Capable of, eh? Get excited telekinesis fans! Our little Miranda will now be able to move things with her mind.

And if that's not overwhelming enough, there are plenty of dark forces haunting the halls of the Collins' mega-mansion. "There are all these other ghosts from the past five innocents dying," Anderson explains. "There are definitely some good ones and there's a lot of bad ones."

The actress continues, "In this episode she feels like someone is watching her and following her around and she kind of has that unknown fear hovering over her head and she doesn't know who's coming at her."

Oh yes, Miranda is definitely going to encounter some dark forces tonight that will make you jump out of your seat. Don't believe us? Check out this bone-chilling exclusive clip above from tonight's all-new episode of Ravenswood!

Yikes! Being a ghost seems pretty damn terrifying, so is there a chance that Miranda could be reunited with her body? Anderson admits, "I have no idea, and I've been wondering the same thing!  I've been enjoying playing a ghost, and being a part of the ghost world and handle that side of things. But if I were to come back and be able to be alive again, that would be great." 



All five of our Ravenswood gang were supposed to die that night in the water, (Yes, even Caleb! Sob!) and now they will have to deal with the repercussions of escaping fate. "That's the whole mystery. Why are those four still alive?" Anderson says, "They're trying to unravel the secrets and answers surrounding the curse because they don't understand why or what happened. Did the universe blink or something?" We're sure Remy (Britne Oldford) is going to be hot on the case!

As of now Caleb is the only one having a Sixth Sense, he-sees-dead-people kind of moment with Miranda, but after tonight this knowledge will be extended to the rest of The Five. "After tonight's episode some crazy things go down for the rest of the Ravenswood pack and they end up seeing her." Crazy things in Ravenswood? We wouldn't expect anything less.

Don't miss an all-new episode of Ravenswood tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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