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The Power of three is trying to make a movie!

After news broke that CBS was working on a reboot of Charmed, the WB's beloved witchy drama, the series' original stars Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan took to their Twitters to say why they think bringing back the series is a no-good, very-bad idea. What Milano doesn't think is a bad idea? A Charmed movie that would reunite the four sisters, including Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty!

"I would definitely do a #Charmed movie," Milano tweeted on Wednesday. She then reached out to all of her Hallaway sisters, asking, "Would you, @H_Combs, @rosemcgowan and @DohertyShannen?"

And guess what? Doherty, who exited the series after the third season, is down! "Yep I would," she wrote back to Milano. "Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie." Interestingly enough, Doherty also retweeted a message from a fan suggesting the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie. Go get your Veronica Mars on, Charmed ones!

The reboot, which is being conjured up by Party of Five's Chris Keyser, would be a reimagining of the originals series centering on three sister-witches who use their powers to battle the forces of evil.

Milano was quick to tweet her thoughts on the project, writing, "The thing about them doing a #charmed reboot is... it just... it feels like yesterday. It feels too close." And McGowan didn't hold back either: "They really are running out of ideas in Hollywood," she tweeted. "Lame lame lame lamertons."

And while Combs originally remained mum on the subject of the Charmed reboot, she finally voiced her opinion on Twitter. And it was awesome. "Here's the thing. Everything is a reboot. If you think otherwise you haven't read enough Shakespeare yet," the Pretty Little Liars star said. "At least they had the decency to call it what it is. Instead of ripping it off and then pretending to not be ripping it off."

She then added, "Reserve judgment. Watch it. Or don't. Then if you don't have anything nice to say.....come sit by me. ;)"

It's hard to fault CBS for wanting to reboot the series, given the recent success of witches on TV (American Horror Story: Coven, Witches of East End and The Originals). But Milano told us, "I think really it's due to the success of Charmed and the fact that it had so much success even after it was done, meaning that people looked for it, people searched it out and watched those episode over and over."

Would you want to see Doherty, Milano, Combs and McGowan reunite for a Charmed movie? Just how much money would you donate to that Kickstarter? Sound off in the comments!

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