Jaime King, Hart of Dixie, Real Pregnancy

Dale Berman/The CW

With the announcement of Kerry Washington's pregnancy comes the very important question: How will they handle this on Scandal?

Since it seems unlikely that there will be a little Olivia Popes running around anytime soon, some measures will probably have to be taken in order to hide Washington's already growing belly.

She's not alone thoughwriters, producers and actors have been dealing with hiding baby bumps (or not) since the early days of TV. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it hilariously does not. (Those flowers aren't fooling us, Hart of Dixie!)

Check out our gallery of how past and current shows have taken on the challenge, and let us know what direction you think (or hope) Scandal will take. Might we suggest something like Cougar Town's beloved massive wine glass Big Joe?

PHOTOS: How TV Shows Worked In (or Around) Baby Bumps

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