Natalie Portman is doing it for the ladies.

The actress gets physical (in a different way) with her costars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston in their upcoming sequel Thor: The Dark World, and the brunette beauty dished on what it was like to give the two hunky actors a full hand to the face.

"I found it very satisfying," she told E! News, "I think it's behalf of all my girlfriends who had guys that didn't call them back or disappeared or just fell off the face of the earth."

Amen, sister. But Portman admitted that she needed a little bit of help reaching Hemsworth's face (LOL!).

"There were sort of like secret boxes or ramps or something that they would sneak in there so I could be closer to him, otherwise there would be no way I could hit his face if I tried. I'd be like jumping and trying to reach his cheek," she said.

Of course, Hemsworth claimed that Portman's slap didn't sting too much—you know, since he's this big buff guy and all.

He told us that Natalie's "got little hands, so it wasn't too painful. It actually become kinda hilarious because she had to do it over and over again as you do, and a couple times she sort of connect here or here or miss completely and we weren't meant to laugh but it ended up being high school. When you're not meant to laugh, you have to...It's just ridiculous, over and over being slapped by the same person."

But Hiddleston gave Portman credit where credit was due, and praised the star both for her amazing personality and her strength, telling E! News that getting slapped by her was "enormous fun. She's very game. She's a real delight. She has a wicked sense of humor on set and you know, she's an athlete. She's got a neat right hook."

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