Katy Perry, John Mayer

Hewitt / Splash News

Looking sharp, Katy Perry and John Mayer!

These lovebirds were spotted stepping out together for a date night in London and opted to trade in their usual casual attire for something a little more fancy.

The Prism singer was pretty in pink, strutting a chic little number with a matching pink Chanel bag and purple velvet heels along with a familiar ring on that finger, while Mayer, who flew in from Norway to meet with his ladylove, looked dapper in a suit and tie.

So where was the good-looking pair heading? Just a romantic dinner at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant in Battersea. No big deal.

It's possible the extra special outing is part of a late birthday celebration for Katy's beau.

"happy birthday cutie!!! @JohnMayer," the "Roar" singer wrote on Wednesday. The sweet tweet comes on the heels of a source telling E! News that the duo is "very serious" with those close to the couple saying they wouldn't be surprised if the lovebirds got engaged in the not-so-distant future.

Speaking of their romance, Perry revealed to Entertainment Weekly that her new single "Unconditionally" was partially inspired by Mayer.

"I went to Madagascar and did a UNICEF trip that changed my life and gave me this song. It's just a simple message about loving someone and accepting them and kind of driving at you don't have to be so self-conscious, you don't have to fear, because essentially, everybody has their stuff. Nobody comes stuff-free. Everybody has their things and you're never going to be perfect, and accepting that and understanding that, especially in a relationship, it makes room for a real, genuine kind of love," she said.

Check out the lyric video to "Unconditionally" below!

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