Seth Meyers


As everyone knows by now, Seth Meyers will be taking over NBC's Late Night early next year when Jimmy Fallon ascends to The Tonight Show throne.

And who better to get tips from than one of his predecessors, David Letterman?

Swinging by The Late Show on Tuesday, Oct. 8, the Saturday Night Live star talked about his new gig with the gap-toothed comic, who famously hosted Late Night from 1982 to 1993 before jumping ship to CBS.

And Letterman couldn't resist trying to persuade Meyers that a new name for the show might be a great idea.

"You think we should change it back to The Tommorow Show?" Meyers asked, regarding the NBC late-night series that ran from 1973 to 1982 before Letterman took over.

"Why not?" replied Letterman. "Why not Today show, Tonight, Tomorrow? That's the perfect trilogy, really. I'm giving this to you free! I'm putting a nail in my own coffin here!"

With his new bosses likely watching, Meyers wasn't quite as enthusiastic, but played along anyway.

"I wish we talked yesterday, we just printed the mugs," he joked.

"But the better name is The Tomorrow Show," insisted the Late Show host, noting he was the one who originally chose the Late Night moniker from a list of many.

Of course, it's no surprise Letterman might vie for the change. After all, in the early '90s, he had quite an axe to grind with NBC executives after being passed over by the peacock for the Tonight Show desk in favor of longtime rival Jay Leno.

But no matter. Letterman loves his current perch, so much so that he recently reupped his contract through 2015, making him the longest-running late-night talk-show host in TV history.

Meyers starts his Late Night stint on Feb. 24, 2014.

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