The Originals

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The bitch is back.

Rebekah (Claire Holt) finally makes her way back to New Orleans, the city she and her family helped build back in the day, in tonight's episode of The Originals, which finds our Original vamp on a mission to find her good brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies). In her way? Her bad brother, Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Oh, and her history with Klaus' former bestie-turned-vampire king of the French Quarter Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), as we learn the two share quite the heated history.

At a screening at the CW, Holt and Leah Pipes, who plays Cami, a human with a complicated and mysterious past, teased tonight's episode, "House of the Rising Sun," including the juicy love triangle brewing on Bourbon Street, Rebekah's new BFF, how the show is turning into The Godfather and more...

Woman on a Mission: If the backdoor pilot was all about Klaus and last week's premiere was all about Elijah, tonight is ladies' night as Rebekah steals the show after making a seriously epic entrance into town. "Her primary goal is to come to New Orleans and find Elijah," Holt says. "Right now, that's her quest, her mission, and she doesn't really care for making relationships with other people, or bonding...She thinks that she's just going to pack up and leave as soon as she finds Elijah. There's obviously history that makes her stick around. Like a very hot guy."

Sister, Sister: Raise your hand if you'd love to see Rebekah finally make a genuine gal pal. (All of your hands should be in the air.) Well, we've got good news for you: She and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) bond in tonight's episode after becoming reluctant house mates. "I think there's sort of a bonding that happens with Hayley that is really natural and more of a family type thing," Holt says. "They've both been betrayed or left behind by their families."

More Than Meets the Eye: Though Cami seems like your typical psych student by day, bartender by night kind of gal, she's harboring some pretty major secrets, but Pipes was tight-lipped, hoping not to spoil the big reveal. "There's a lot more than meets the eye now," Pipes said. "She has gone through hardships in her life and she's a very strong girl because of it and kind of gives these vampires a run for their money, which I'm enjoying!" Holt adds, "It's such a great story line when it gets discovered. There's a history that's so much more than just the girl works at the bar."

Battle of the Blondes: One thing a human and vampire can both agree on? Marcel is very, very hot. Cue love triangle between Marcel, Cami and Rebekah. But there's so much more to the show than silly love triangles. "There's definitely two girls pining after one guy so that is a triangle, but I think the show is a much more political show than just love triangles...It's a turf war. In a lot of ways it's a gangster show," Pipes explains. "Everyone's fighting for New Orleans. Not just two vampires but everyone, even the humans. Everyone's fighting for this wonderful little town. It gets really complicated in the wonderful way that The Godfather gets complicated."

Holt adds, "I referred to it as The Sopranos earlier but I'll take The Godfather. It's cool because on The Vampire Diaries it was really about the love triangle and there's only so much room that you have to explore those stories. The way that our show works, we step away from that a little and I feel like it's something that everyone can relate to, with family and war. It's more of a common theme. It's allowed us to explore something different and it feels fresh and exciting and something that we haven't really done before."

But don't worry; there will be some romance as Pipes says, "People are going to kiss in this show!"

The Originals airs tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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