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By TV Scoop Team Oct 04, 2013 1:00 PMTags
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Trick or treat little TV lovers!

Now that we're finally in the month of October, we're ready to dish out scoop on your favorite shows like its candy! Don't worry, it's the good stuff. None of that off-brand, sugar-free healthy candy. Blegh!

We've snagged a first look at Arrow's second season premiere and we've got an Olicity update for all you shipper out there. And speaking of shippers, we've got your relationship updates for both Revenge and American Horror: Coven.  Oh and did we mention that we've found Brennan's personality doppelganger on Bones and a newbie badass angel on Supernatural. All that and more today's edition of Spoiler Chat!

Shauna: Can't wait for my date with the Winchesters! Any Supernatural scoop to celebrate?
Fans will be meeting a new angel in episode nine: Therat-faced Malachi, who is a street fighter of an angel who has managed to put together a sizable group of loyal followers. (Join or die is his kind of thing.) His goal? To start a war. Gulp!

Debbie: I wasn't expecting to love The Fosters as much as I did, so I'd appreciate any scoop you have on its return!
Mariana is getting a new friend…and possible love interest! Levi is a new freshman boy who is smart, funny and self-deprecating. He's pretty much the definition of awkward cute. Levi would as the lighting and tech guy for the school's drama club, which is how Mariana meets him.

Ash: Longtime Parenthood fan. When will we find out if Kristina becomes mayor or not?
Not for a long time, but no later than episode ten. Obviously we're not going to tell you if she wins or not, but that episode is where you'll get a clear picture of what Kristina and Adam's life will look like now that the mayoral race is over.

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Christine: I know that American Horror Story: Coven hasn't premiered just yet, but do you think you could spill a little scoop on Taissa Farmiga's character?
Farmiga's character Zoe has quite the power: she can kill someone by having sex with them. No, seriously. So you can imagine that's a pretty big dilemma for her when she immediately finds herself attracted to Evan Peters' frat boy with a conscience Kyle. And we can tease that the duo's meeting is very reminiscent of how Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes' Romeo and Juliet met. AKA it's totally epic.

Anna Beth: I'm loving all this Bones scoop y'all keep dishing out! Got any more?
For you? Of course! We all know that Dr. Brennan is truly one of a kind, but be prepared to meet her personality doppelganger later this season! (In episode eight to be exact.) Agatha Blume is the food science's version of our beloved Brannan, she's intelligent, pretty, and looks at everyday life from an extremely logical and emotionless point of view. We think she and Brennan could be besties! Well, if you forget about the tiny detail that Agatha is being suspected for murder…

Diyah Pera/The CW

Nina: Have you seen the Arrow premiere? What can we expect! I'm hoping for an Oliver and Felicity hookup finally!
Well then the first two episodes should please the Olicity lovers out there as the duo share a few moments, including one in which Felicity comments on how "sweaty" Ollie is. Oh, and she then mentions how much she loves watching him workout on the infamous salmon ladder. Alas, we're hearing Grant Gustin's Barry Allen and Felicity will share quite the spark when he makes his Arrow debut.

Todd M.: Once again The Big Bang Theory is killing it! What's coming up for my favorite comedy this year?
Okay so, Albert Einstein, Archimedes, and Sheldon Cooper walk into a cafeteria… No this isn't the set-up for an amazing joke, it's a hilarious dream sequence in which Sheldon faces his biggest nightmare in episode six. We're not going to tell you what he's afraid of, but we will tell you Einstein is pretty darn quick with the snarky comebacks!

McKayla: So happy that this season of Revenge feels a lot more like season one! Is it going to stay this way?
Oh yes! The Revenge that we all fell in love with is back and it's going to keep getting better. Now that Emily and Daniel are re-engaged, there are a plethora of things that they need to complete before their red wedding. One of the most important events on their list is a pre-wedding photo-shoot and story about Daniel and Emily's second attempt at tiring the knot. Unfortunately the journalist in charge of the shoot is determined to as all the hard-hitting questions, even if it makes the atmosphere extremely uncomfortable.

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