Super Fun Night

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We thought ABC's Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night wasn't so fun and NBC's Ironside reboot was a little rusty, but what did you guys think of the new shows that premiere tonight?  

By now you've witnessed the craziness of Rebel Wilson's new series, Super Fun Night for yourself. You've watched Wilson's character Kimmie wrestle with her Spanx, lose her skirt (in front of her boss!) by standing too close to an elevator, and sprint down the hallway in hopes of snagging a jelly donut. You've met Kimmie's two best friends, the shy and overly naive Helen-Alice (Liza Lapira) and the sexually aggressive Marika (Lauren Ash), as well as her endearing love interest Richard (Kevin Bishop).

Riddled with fat jokes, clichés, and tired old TV puns (Long Island Ice Tea, anyone?), Super Fun Night left us feeling smothered and disappointed. But this isn't about us, this is about you! Were you impressed by Wilson's attempt at an American accent? Did you find the consistent fat jokes hilarious or heart-wrenching?

Blair Underwood, Kenneth Choi, Ironside

Will Hart/NBC

Ironside, meanwhile, was a reboot that didn't need to happen. Blair Underwood, who plays Det. Ironside, deserves much better than the underwhelming cop procedural. There is too much talking, not enough action, and we were bored within the first 15 minutes, which is never a good sign. Basically, tonight was not a great evening for new shows.

But what did you think? You people are the ones watching and making or breaking ratings, so spill! Take our polls below to vote on Super Fun Night and Ironside and have at it in the comments.

Super Fun Night: Save It or Sink It?
Super Fun Night?
Save or Sink It: Ironside
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