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Get ready for TV church, y'all!

Come Sunday night, a slew of fan-favorite series are finally returning after their summer hiatus, and to celebrate, we're dishing out juicy scoop on all of 'em in today's Spoiler Chat! Not only do we have details on Revenge's latest scheme and Homeland's heart-stopping premiere, we've also got scoop on Once Upon a Time's reformed Evil Queen!

But what kind of TV reporters would we be if we didn't include some scoop on one of TV's most highly anticipated series finales, Breaking Bad? Plus, we've got spoilers on The Originals, Justified and more...

Holli: Where's the love for Cougar Town and my cul-de-sac crew?
Someone is about to hit stardom! OK, we're overexaggerating  a little bit, but someone on the cul-de-sac crew gets cast in a commercial and is more than excited to take the gig. However, the commercial isn't exactly for a classy product. It's not exactly an ad for Viagra, but it's definitely along those lines.

Jenny: So excited for Revenge's return after your story about the premiere! Can you give me any spoilers for the rest of the season?
Around episode eight, Victoria is going to dig up someone from Emily's past and bring him to the Hamptons. And it's most definitely not just for the sake of a reunion. Plus, [spoiler] is getting blackmailed!

Daniel: Got any more Breaking Bad scoop from the finale? Will we see Walt survive?
In order to find out if Walt will live, we used our magical TV Ouija board to get in contact with a character who has already died. Dean Norris explains that he has had a change of heart and is now hoping that Walt will be able to survive the end of the series with his heart still beating. "I used to [root for him to die], but actually, he kind of begged for Hank's life. I thought he redeemed himself a little bit, to be quite honest with you, so I'm fine if he lives now," He says. Either way, Norris promises a finale that Breaking Bad fans will never forget saying, "It's like a freight train, they just power through and it's awesome. You're going to love it."

Carollattufe: Anything you can say on Regina and her arc this season on Once Upon a Time? Will she be her sassy self this season? Will she have scenes with Snow in Neverland?
We love how curious you are, so we shall reward you with as much magical scoop as we can! Regina is pretty damn fierce in the first two episodes of season three, and she's not holding back when it comes to using her powers. Fireballs? Yup! Casting someone in stone? You got it! The queen is ready to rescue her son, but she's not fully ready to be working with the goody two-shoes Charming Family in order to do so. Oh and she does share a scene with Snow, but be warned, there's some pretty intense hair-pulling.

The Originals

Mason: Love your Big Bang Theory spoilers! More, please?
Sheldon is either losing his mind in episode six or he's on some serious hallucinogens, because he'll be seeing Albert Einstein in his daydreams. He'll also get a serious heckling from a certain ancient Greek astrologer. What are you smoking, Sheldon?!

Amy: Cannot wait for The Originals to finally premiere! What can you tell me about Elijah? Will he get a love interest?!
The Oct. 3 premiere contains some serious sparkage (and cuteness) between our favorite Original vamp (Sorry, Klaus and Beks!) and…Hayley! Yes, as in the same werewolf girl his brother got pregnant. Amazingly enough, the chemistry between them is sweet, but subtle. Haylijah, anyone?!

James: Homeland premieres this weekend…what do you got?
You should be very, very worried about Saul's job security. And don't miss the last moments of the episode, because there is a scene that will set the tone for the rest of the season. And that tone is: angst!

Nisa: Can I please have some Justified scoop? Just caught up on the series and am dying for new info!
You've come the right place, fellow binge-watcher. The season-five premiere episode is titled "A Murder of Crowes," and yes, that's a nod to the Crowe family. Dewey is going to try and get revenge on Raylan for all the years of torture by suing the Federal Marshals. Better call Saul! Dewey doesn't call Saul, but he does get himself a lawyer.

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